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SGI Canada Newsletter, No. 102 - April 5, 2024

April 5, 2024

SGI Canada Newsletter

Issue no. 102

April 5, 2024


Welcome to the 102nd issue of the SGI Canada Newsletter, a bi-weekly summary of news, upcoming events and encouragement. If you are not subscribing to the SGI Canada Newsletter, you may do so by clicking on the button below. Subscriptions are free of charge, and the SGI Canada Newsletter will be emailed directly to you.




Study material for April: “A People-Centred Religion Transmitting the Philosophy of Respect for Life to the Future”

In the article that we will be studying in our districts this month, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda explains the Buddhist concept of peace: 

Vanquishing the Ignorance That Resides in the Human Heart 

Peace begins with helping each person recognize and develop their highest potential. Expanding our network of people committed to dialogue is a process through which we draw forth our own and the other person’s infinitely noble Buddha nature. That is the most fundamental action and surest step to root out the evil behind nuclear weapons. 

Nichiren Daishonin writes: “Nichiren’s followers are like roaring lions” (WND-1, 997). 

The Daishonin revealed the great Law for vanquishing the fundamental ignorance[1] residing in the human heart. Amid life-threatening persecution, he strove to spread the correct teaching in the Latter Day of the Law by speaking out courageously—through the power of the written and spoken word and the power of dialogue. His focus was always on the happiness of each individual and respect for life. It was on bringing peace to the land by establishing the correct teaching—that is, on creating a secure and peaceful world. 

Nichiren Buddhism is a thoroughly people-centred religion. The Buddhism of the Sun shines its light of peace and compassion on all people, transcending all differences and distinctions. 

[1] Fundamental ignorance: Also, fundamental darkness. The most deeply rooted illusion inherent in life, said to give rise to all other illusions. The inability to see or recognize the ultimate truth of the Mystic Law; also, the negative impulses that arise from such ignorance. 

The complete study article is available in the March 2024 New Century.



Congratulations to the Youth Division!

From March 1 to March 23 2024, 14 Youth Division General Meetings commemorating March 16 were held across Canada. The youth members resolved to respond to Ikeda Sensei’s expectations by the time of the General Meetings. This month marks 70 years since Ikeda Sensei was appointed as Youth Division Chief of Staff. A challenging goal of 725 youth was set and the final attendance result was 1,021 youth! 

The youth fully exerted themselves in the One by One! campaign and studied the “Thrust” chapter of The Human Revolution.

We want to sincerely thank all the youth, student and Young Phoenix Group leaders and members who strove in unity based on the mentor and disciple spirit and achieved great breakthroughs in their human revolution! 

On behalf of all the youth, we also want to share our profound gratitude with the Men’s and Women’s group members who wholeheartedly supported the youth! 

We feel that our success was due to the spirit of many in body, one in mind throughout all divisions based on the vow of mentor and disciple! 

We are now determined to accelerate the momentum in our One by One! campaign toward April 2, May 3 and further toward July! 

In his message shared at the meetings, President Harada writes: 

I hope you will strive wholeheartedly as “youth chiefs of staff of the new era” to expand your circles of trust and friendship in your beloved lands of your mission.

Ikeda Sensei also once said: “You, the youth of Soka, uphold the life-affirming philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism and vibrantly chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for both your own happiness and that of others. Your continued solidarity and united efforts for peace, culture and education radiate a bright and powerful light that will illuminate the lives of people everywhere, along with the wisdom and hope to build a better tomorrow for our planet.” 

Responding to our mentor’s boundless expectations, let us seize this moment to speak out and boldly share Nichiren Buddhism, and make great strides in our efforts to change the destiny of humankind!

Thank you! 

Ryan Brouwer - SGI Canada Youth leader,

Mai Ogushi - SGI Canada Young Women’s leader

Alex Meers - SGI Canada Young Men’s leader     

From Faith to Action: Soka Gakkai’s Global Impact

Watch a new one-minute promotional video of the Soka Gakkai’s social contributions around the world. 

The video is available in English at:

From Faith to Action: Soka Gakkai's Global Impact  

Seeds of Hope & Action Exhibition Held in Bolivia

From March 16 to 30, the “Seeds of Hope & Action” exhibition was shown at the University of San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca in Sucre, Bolivia. Over 200 faculty and students including Rector Walter Arízaga Cervantes attended the opening on March 16. A total of over 2,800 people viewed the exhibition. 

Visitors view the “Seeds of Hope & Action” exhibition in Bolivia.  

Upcoming events

Women’s Group General Meetings begin this month and carry on through the month of May. The SGI Canada Women’s Group theme this year is “I can make a difference”.

In her message to the meetings, SGI Canada Women’s leader Helen Izumi-Choi says: 

Let’s make our women’s meetings encouraging circles of joyful dialogues for happiness, victory, hope and peace. Let’s help one another to shine our brightest, each in our own way, so together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your ongoing efforts!  (NEW CENTURY, April 2024, p.4) 


We hope you found this newsletter beneficial. Please email your questions or comments to contact@sgicanada.org. Please note that the next SGI Canada Newsletter will appear on April 19, 2024. See you then!