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SGI Canada Newsletter, No. 25 - April 23, 2021

April 23, 2021

SGI Canada Newsletter

Issue no. 25

April 23, 2021


Welcome to the 25th issue of the SGI Canada Newsletter, a bi-weekly summary of news, upcoming events and encouragement. If you are not subscribing to the SGI Canada Newsletter, you may do so by clicking on the button below. Subscriptions are free of charge and the SGI Canada Newsletter will be emailed directly to you.




SGI President Ikeda’s Editorial“Making the Joyous Song of Bodhisattvas of the Earth Resound!”

In his May editorial for Daibyakurenge (the Soka Gakkai study magazine), SGI President Daisaku Ikeda writes about achieving great victories, whatever our situation:

When we chant and spread the Mystic Law with firm belief in our mission as Bodhisattvas of the Earth, we can transform even the most disappointing circumstances into a drama of human revolution. Whatever challenges or hardships we face, we can surmount them like the wonderful performance of a brilliant actor.

The areas where you are working for kosen-rufu are places you have chosen as a result of deep karmic connections from the infinite past. They are the stages for carrying out your mission based on your vow.

Therefore, I hope you will make each scene and act in your life part of an unfolding drama of victory, imparting hope and courage to those who are suffering and transforming karma into mission.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full message


SGI Canada Sets New Goals for 2030

Responding to SGI President Ikeda’s vision for worldwide kosen-rufu, SGI Canada has set new goals for 2030.

President Ikeda has stressed that growth in this decade toward the Soka Gakkai’s centennial in 2030 is crucial, and that our accomplishments this year are key to creating momentum toward 2030. In his message to SGI Canada commemorating the 60th anniversary of Canadian kosen-rufu, President Ikeda states:

From now, even more so, I hope Canada will lead the world in holding aloft the banner of raising capable people of Soka.

Starting from now, let’s aim toward the 70th anniversary of Canadian kosen-rufu [2030]. With youth in the vanguard, let us keep moving ahead together with youthful hearts, harmoniously and in high spirits!

We are determined to unite together and reply to our mentor to realize this incredible mission he has given us.

Details of SGI Canada’s new goals for 2030 will be published in the June 2021 editions of New Century, Chinese New Century and Ère nouvelle.


May 3, 2021 – Soka Gakkai Day and Soka Gakkai Mothers Day

We celebrate Soka Gakkai Day and Soka Gakkai Mothers Day every year at our May 3 Commemorative Meetings to honour the achievements of our mentors with deep emotion and appreciation. To demonstrate the depth of our gratitude as disciples, we renew our vows to achieve the Buddha’s “great wish” for the enlightenment of all people, which will enable humanity to live in peace and mutual prosperity. May 3 is also Soka Gakkai Mothers Day when we recognize the struggles and victories of women practitioners everywhere.

SGI Canada will hold this year’s May 3 Commemorative Meetings in each area or region across Canada on Sunday, May 2. This will also be an opportunity to contribute to the SGI Canada Special Fund. Contributions can be received before or after May 2.

Thank you so much for your sincere dedication and your support in every way for the advancement of kosen-rufu in Canada!

To contribute to the SGI Canada Special Fund, you may do so by using one of the following two options:

Online donation

You can contribute online through the SGI Canada online portal at https://sgicinfo.org/portal/login .

  1. If you have already set up an online account, simply sign in and click on Donations.
  1. If you have not yet set up an online account, it is very easy to do so:
  2. Go to the SGI Canada website at www.sgicanada.org and click on the Online Portal button near the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Click on I have not created an online account and then Submit.
  4. Fill out the personal information fields and click on Submit.
  5. You will receive an email from accounting@sgicinfo.org . The email will confirm your username and password (which you can change once you log into the site the first time). For assistance with setting up your account, please contact support@sgicinfo.org .
  6. Once your username and password have been confirmed, you will be able to log into the online portal from the SGI Canada website at any time.

Donation by cheque or money order

You can also contribute by mailing a cheque or money order to SGI Canada.

  1. Please make your cheque or money order payable to “SGI Canada”.
  2. Please include a completed SGI Canada Special Fund Receipt if you have one (a digital copy is available from your district leader). If you do not have a receipt, you can simply write your information (name, district, chapter, area and region) on a sheet of paper and include it with your cheque.
  3. Please mail all cheques and money orders, with attached forms, to SGI Canada at:

SGI Canada

2050 Dufferin Street

Toronto, ON M6E 3R6


Contributions through the online portal or by cheque or money order can be made at any time. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to receive cash donations, or donations by email or electronic transfer.

We deeply appreciate your courageous efforts to support and encourage your fellow members, families and friends at this very challenging time in the history of humankind. Thank you very much! 

Youth Division Leaders Hold National Kickoff Meeting

SGI Canada youth division leaders from across the country met on April 17 to launch their campaign toward June’s General Meetings of the Young Phoenix Group, Student Division and Youth Division.

Over 130 youth division leaders heard presentations on Soka University of America, watched a video about Future Division, and listened to experiences about making connections with younger members. In his message to the meeting, SGI Canada Youth Leader Ryan Brouwer quoted President Ikeda’s 2021 New Year’s message:

I hope you will also warmly and open heartedly support and foster our young successors of the Youth Division and Future Division. Together let’s accumulate treasures of the heart with a vibrant, youthful spirit, our lives overflowing with good fortune, and make wonderful strides in our human revolution that will serve as an inspiration for others. (SGI Canada Newsletter, January 1, 2021)

The General Meetings in June of the Young Phoenix Group, Student Division and Youth Division will commemorate the 40th anniversary of President Ikeda’s second visit to Canada. Between now and June, the Youth Division will focus its efforts on a Friendship Campaign to contact and encourage as many Youth and Young Phoenix members as possible.

Please contact your local Youth Division leaders for more details.

Women’s General Meetings in April and May

Through April and May, the annual Women’s General Meetings are being held by district across Canada, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the women’s division on June 10, 1951. The theme of the Women’s General Meetings is “Shine with the Great Light of Our Human Revolution.” Our attendance goal for these online meetings is 2,000 to 3,000 women’s group members and friends across Canada.

Please check with your district women’s group leader for more information. 


Upcoming Events 

National Men’s Group Friendship Meeting on May 23

The SGI Canada men’s group will hold its first-ever nationwide meeting on Sunday, May 23 at 4:00pm ET. Billed as a “Men’s Group Friendship Meeting,” the online meeting will begin with encouragement for everyone and then split up into 50 small-group meetings, bringing together men from all parts of Canada to share experiences and determinations.

Please contact your local men’s group leaders for more details. 

Keep up to date with Soka Gakkai Global!

You can find the most recent news about Soka Gakkai in Japan and around the world at the Soka Global website: https://www.sokaglobal.org/in-society/news.html 


We hope you found this newsletter beneficial. Please email your questions or comments to postmaster@sgicanada.org. The next SGI Canada Newsletter will appear on May 7, 2021. See you then!