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SGI Canada Newsletter, No.21 - February 26, 2021

February 26, 2021

SGI Canada Newsletter

Issue no. 21

February 26, 2021


Welcome to the 21st issue of the SGI Canada Newsletter, a bi-weekly summary of news, upcoming events and encouragement. The SGI Canada Newsletter replaces the previous SGI Canada Online News. All subscribers will automatically receive the SGI Canada Newsletter from now on. If you are not subscribing, you may do so by clicking on the button below. Subscriptions are free of charge and the SGI Canada Newsletter will be emailed directly to subscribers.





We are very sad to announce that Mrs. Akiko Elizabeth Izumi, the pioneer leader of SGI Canada, passed away peacefully on Thursday, February 25, at the age of 85. 

Mrs. Izumi's first meeting with President Daisaku Ikeda in 1960 was described in The New Human Revolution, Volume 1, “Golden Autumn” chapter. This encounter marked the beginning of kosen-rufu in Canada. Mrs. Izumi began to practise as a member of the Soka Gakkai two years after that meeting, and courageously took on the task of spreading Nichiren Buddhism and leading the kosen-rufu movement in Canada, burning with the passion to help the people of her adopted homeland to overcome their sufferings and achieve absolute happiness. 

Mrs. Izumi served as the Chairperson of SGI Canada from 1977 until 2000. With her warm leadership and encouragement, the organization grew steadily and in a distinctively friendly and Canadian way. In June 1981, President Ikeda made his second visit to Canada, which he wrote about in The New Human Revolution, Volume 30, in the “Bells of Dawn” chapter. President Ikeda was greeted by 1,000 members from all across Canada. This June we will commemorate the 40th anniversary of that historic second visit. In 2018, SGI Canada achieved a membership of 10,000. It all began with one person’s determined efforts. 

Mrs. Izumi inspired and encouraged countless people over the course of her life. Whether we knew her personally or not, her devotion to the cause of kosen-rufu in Canada is a model for all of us. We owe her an enormous debt of gratitude. 

In his poem to Canadian members, “A Rainbow over Niagara,” President Ikeda says of Mrs. Izumi: 

The flow of kosen-rufu in Canada

Began with a single person—

One woman who quietly yet steadily

Nurtured the seed of the Mystic Law

In the peaceful towns

Until it reached the beautiful mountains and valleys,

Bringing forth the music of happiness. 

An online memorial service will take place on Saturday, March 6. The time and details will be communicated through the responsible leaders in each region.



SGI President Ikeda’s March editorial “Soka Champions of Encouragement”

In his March 2021 editorial in Daibyakurenge (Soka Gakkai’s monthly study magazine), SGI President Daisaku Ikeda writes of the importance of encouraging those around us:

Inheriting the Daishonin’s spirit, the mentors and disciples of Soka have continued to reach out and tirelessly offer words of encouragement to those who are suffering.

The Daishonin says that all living beings possess the Buddha nature, but unless they encounter “good friends” or sincere Buddhist practitioners, they will be unable to reveal this inherent potential (cf. WND-2, 861).

Soka Gakkai members, as just such “good friends,” have confidently shared with those around them their conviction that anyone can attain Buddhahood in this lifetime and that there is no karma that cannot be transformed. As a result of this encouragement, our network of Bodhisattvas of the Earth in which each person shines with brilliant dignity—a gathering resembling the wonderful assembly of the Lotus Sutra—has appeared in this world. 

Please CLICK HERE to read the full message 

SGI Online Study Lecture available until March 31

SGI Canada members and friends have until March 31 to watch the first “SGI Online Study Lecture” by SGI Study Department Leader Masaaki Morinaka.

Mr. Morinaka’s lecture is based on SGI President Ikeda’s lecture from the series The Buddhism of the Sun—Illuminating the World, titled A Religion of Human Revolution—“The Heart of a Lion King”.

The online lecture can be shown in district meetings or any other meeting at any level. We encourage leaders to make as many opportunities as possible for members and guests to view the online lecture and to have discussions together after viewings.

The lecture is available in English, French, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

Please check with your local leaders to find out when you can view the lecture in your location. 

Showing SGI online videos in your district

SGI videos -- including videos of the most recent Headquarters Leaders Meetings -- can now be shown at district meetings or meetings at any other level.

In each chapter, area and region there are leaders who are registered to show SGI videos. Please check with your local leaders to find out the arrangements for your location.


Upcoming Events

March 16 Commemorative District Meetings

In March we will be commemorating March 16 -- Kosen-rufu Day -- the day in 1958 when 6,000 youth gathered with second Soka Gakkai president Josei Toda to inherit the mission for kosen-rufu. This was the time when President Toda entrusted the future leadership of the Soka Gakkai to his disciple, Daisaku Ikeda.

As part of our March 16 Commemorative District Meetings in March, we would like to focus on President Ikeda’s message to the 1st Youth Division Leaders meeting (in January). The message urges all of us to accomplish our mission:

No matter what challenges you may face, please continue to tap your brilliant inner wisdom for creating value and to deepen your compassion for treasuring and respecting each person. Please continue to forge bonds of trust and friendship in your communities and societies, joining with your fellow young global citizens around the world to create a network where each person can shine in their own unique way.

 Please CLICK HERE to read the full message 

Men’s Division celebrates March anniversary

The Men's Division was founded on March 5, 1966. It was a day that President Ikeda had looked forward to with great anticipation. He held great expectations for the growth, development and contributions to kosen-rufu that the men’s division would make in the coming years and decades. 

Below you will find links to an excerpt from The New Human Revolution, Volume 10, “Crown Champions” chapter, that describes the founding of the Soka Gakkai men’s division. We hope you will read this timeless encouragement as we advance in 2021 and beyond, undefeated by any challenge or difficulty we may face. Let us all mark this anniversary with a renewed spirit to support and encourage one another, our friends, our families, and our communities! 

Please CLICK HERE for the excerpt in English

Please CLICK HERE for the excerpt in French

Please CLICK HERE for the excerpt in Chinese  


We hope you found this newsletter beneficial. Please email your questions or comments to postmaster@sgicanada.org. The next SGI Canada Newsletter will appear on March 12, 2021. See you then!