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SGI Canada Newsletter, No.18 - January 15, 2021

January 15, 2021

SGI Canada Newsletter

Issue no. 18

January 15, 2021


Welcome to the 18th issue of the SGI Canada Newsletter, a bi-weekly summary of news, upcoming events and encouragement. The SGI Canada Newsletter replaces the previous SGI Canada Online News. All subscribers will automatically receive the SGI Canada Newsletter from now on. If you are not subscribing, you may do so by clicking on the button below. Subscriptions are free of charge and the SGI Canada Newsletter will be emailed directly to subscribers.




SGI President Ikeda’s Message

“Advancing Cheerfully on Our Shared Journey of Hope and Victory”
SGI President Ikeda’s message to First Headquarters Leaders Meeting

In his message to the First Headquarters Leaders Meeting held in Tokyo on January 7, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda highlights the great significance of this year:

The coming decade is an extremely important time, when we must work to resolve the challenges facing our planet and to build a new culture for humankind, a new human civilization, based on respect for the dignity of life and human revolution. 

Let’s pledge together to advance cheerfully on our shared journey of hope and victory—the journey of oneness of mentor and disciple—in this crucial year that will determine the course of the next decade.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full message


SGI President Ikeda’s New Year’s poems 

SGI President Ikeda composed the following poems to celebrate the start of the New Year. 

Members of Soka,

lion’s roar resounding

in oneness with the Daishonin,

are elevating and guiding humanity

to the treasure land of peace.   


As Bodhisattvas of the Earth,

we are spreading the brilliant light of

positive transformation

through the Mystic Law

to communities and countries everywhere. 


The time is now.

I entrust everything to you,

my beloved disciples!

Triumph over all to build

a castle of youth, a castle of hope! 

Daisaku Ikeda
New Year’s Day, 2021


SGI Canada Sets Goals for 2021

The SGI Canada National Planning Committee (NPC) has confirmed the following four goals for 2021:

1. Put into action the three points of the SGI Activity Outline for 2021, published in the January issues of our publications:

      • Hope-filled Dialogue—Build Friendship through Personal Efforts to Engage Others in Dialogue
      • Hope-filled Encouragement—Make Our Districts Castles of Victory through Home Visits and Personal Encouragement (online and phone)
      • Sources of Hope and Victory—Study The New Human Revolution, Volume 30 and Selected Excerpts of SGI President Ikeda’s Guidance: The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace, Part 1: Happiness (New Edition)
            • These “Essential Study Materials” (ESM) are accessible on the new Soka Gakkai Global website at: https://www.sokaglobal.org/resources/study-materials/buddhist-study.html in English, Chinese and Spanish.
            • The new edition of Part 1 of The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace will be translated into French by the Soka Gakkai Translation Department and will be available in the latter part of 2021. In the meantime, we will distribute PDF files of the existing material to francophone members so that they can have equivalent access to the material in its initial version.
            • Let’s encourage individual and group study of these materials, and share with friends.
            • Note: For monthly District Study Meetings, we will continue to study SGI President Ikeda’s lecture series The Buddhism of the Sun – Illuminating the World, which are published in our monthly publications.

        2. Accomplish the district-based goals we set for 2020: every district to achieve two new members, two new subscriptions, and two new financial contributors in 2021

        3. Continue the 1-2-3 Campaign

        4. Commemorate the 40th anniversary of President Ikeda’s second visit to Canada in 1981


COVID-19 update #12

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase in every province and territory, resulting in new emergency measures in some areas. We hope that all SGI Canada members across the country will continue do their best to keep everyone around them safe.

We would like to remind you that all in-person SGI Canada activities remain suspended until further notice. This includes individual home visits as well as larger meetings. Additionally, we ask you to please follow the local public health guidelines in your respective communities.

Our actions to encourage others and keep everyone safe are part of our Buddhist practice and will lead to great benefit. In his New Year’s message, President Ikeda says:

Inheriting the Daishonin’s spirit, you, our noble members, have made steady progress in actualizing the worldwide propagation of the Mystic Law, an unparalleled achievement in the annals of Buddhism. You have bravely risen to the challenges of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, imparting the light of hope and courage to people’s lives.

In times of hardship, our spirit has always been to summon forth the “heart of a lion king,” demonstrate our inner power to the fullest, and triumph with solid unity in purpose. This is the essence of Nichiren Buddhism and the pride of Soka mentors and disciples.

Online bookstore now open

SGI Canada’s popular Online Bookstore has re-opened after the year-end inventory. You can visit the Online Bookstore at: https://sgicanada.myshopify.com/

We remind you that the bookstores at SGI Canada centres are closed until further notice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.


Upcoming events

National Young Phoenix Group Meeting - January 17 at 4:00pm ET

We will be holding our monthly national Young Phoenix Group Meeting on Sunday, January 17 at 4.00pm – 4.30pm ET by videoconference.

We welcome all Young Phoenix Group members (13-17 years old) as well as Youth Division members and guests.

Please contact your local youth leaders to register for the meeting and get the online link. 

National Student Division Meeting - January 17 at 5:00pm ET

There will be a national Student Division Meeting this Sunday, January 17 at 5:00 - 5:30pm ET by videoconference.

We would like to connect student division members across the country to study together and share encouragement. Hope to see you there!

Please contact your local youth leaders to register for the meeting and get the online link. 

Online Lecture by Soka Gakkai Study Department Leader Morinaka

SGI Canada members and friends will soon be able to watch an online lecture by Soka Gakkai Study Department Leader Masaaki Morinaka. Mr. Morinaka is well-known around the world for his insightful, interesting and down-to-earth lectures. This will be the first time that all Canadian members and their friends have the opportunity to hear him. 

Mr. Morinaka’s lecture will be based on SGI President Ikeda’s lecture “The Heart of a Lion King,” Part 1of the sub-series “A Religion of Human Revolution” in the lecture series The Buddhism of the Sun – Illuminating the World. The lecture article can be found in the July 2018 edition of New Century

The schedule of showing and details on how to watch this online lecture (in English, French, Chinese and other languages) will be available soon.


We hope you found this newsletter beneficial. Please email your questions or comments to postmaster@sgicanada.org. The next SGI Canada Newsletter will appear on January 29, 2021. See you then!