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Message for 60th Anniversary of Canadian Kosen-rufu Commemorative Meetings

October 9, 2020

To my dear members of SGI Canada!

Thank you very much for your tireless efforts to hold your meetings commemorating the glorious 60th anniversary of Canadian kosen-rufu, which coincides with the 60th anniversary of worldwide kosen-rufu.

I am chanting heartfelt daimoku for all those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19, and I would like to express my deepest condolences to their families and loved ones.  I am also praying for the earliest recovery of those who are currently struggling with illness.

With the vast land of Canada as the stage of your activities, you have created the most beautiful unity of “many in body, one in mind,” and while planting deep roots of trust and friendship in your communities, you have steadily expanded your ranks of Bodhisattvas of the Earth.  As humanity continues to confront an unprecedented crisis, you have made optimal use of the online platform to build ties of encouragement, and to press ahead to blaze new trails for constructing the new era.  SGI friends around the world are also expressing their admiration that you are publishing your organization’s periodicals in English, French and Chinese.

How Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law, must be wholeheartedly praising you for your pure-hearted efforts.

The Daishonin states: “All your virtuous acts will implant benefits and roots of goodness in your life.  With this conviction you should strive in faith” (WND-1, 4).  All of your present efforts and actions for kosen-rufu, and every struggle and hardship encountered in the course of your Buddhist practice, will create abundant good fortune in your lives.  Everything is an impetus for our human revolution and for changing our karma, or destiny.  This is the essence of the great philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism.

Second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda often mentioned that through prayer based on strong Buddhist practice, we can bring forth the same great life state as Nichiren Daishonin.  The pure spirit of true compassion to help others become happy, and the life force to live with complete security and peace of mind to the very end, limitlessly wells forth from our lives.

Since the world is facing unprecedented challenges, this is the time when our great network of Soka, whose members clearly demonstrate the Buddha’s pure life force, wisdom and compassion, shines more than ever as a source of hope for humanity.  As you vigorously chant the lion’s roar of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and awaken the Buddha nature in your friends’ lives, please resolve that you and your friends will without fail establish the indestructible life state of absolute happiness.

Being good citizens of your respective cities and your country, and as global citizens, you have striven hard to contribute to your society with sincerity and tenacity.  The leading intellects of Canada with whom I engaged in dialogues over the years have expressed their deep understanding of our SGI movement for peace, culture and education, resulting from their interactions with you. They have placed great hopes in our movement, particularly after meeting with youth division members, encouraging us to have great pride in such wonderful young people.  From now, even more so, I hope Canada will lead the world in holding aloft the banner of raising capable people of Soka.

Starting from now, let's aim toward the 70th anniversary of Canadian kosen-rufu [2030]. With youth in the vanguard, let us keep moving ahead together with youthful hearts, harmoniously and in high spirits!

My wife and I continue to earnestly send daimoku for your health and longevity, and for your triumph in leading a fulfilled life adorned with infinite benefits and good fortune.  Please always stay well!

To you, the members of Canada, who are the rainbow of hope for worldwide kosen-rufu, I wish you good health, happiness and victory!

October 2020

Daisaku Ikeda